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91 083, Макет, Fischertechnik

Арт: 110-34-885
91 083, Макет, Fischertechnik
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    Макет Семейство Profi E-Tec
    How does an electric circuit work?
    What are relays, phototransistors and reed contacts?
    These and many more questions about electrical switches and electromechanics will be answered here through building and experimentation
    Gradually children will be lead into the world of electricity, learn the principle of pole reversal with functional models and can also control traffic lights with a controller drum
    With extensive building instructions for 12 models and accompanying educational booklet on the topic of electrical engineering Технические параметры
    • Язык: ger fre eng
    • Срок эксплуатации: From 9 years