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MTCH6303T-I/RG, Touch controller IC QFN-64, Microchip

Арт: 300-26-428
MTCH6303T-I/RG, Touch controller IC QFN-64, Microchip
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  • Арт: 300-26-428
  • Наименование: MTCH6303T-I/RG
  • Производитель: Microchip
  • Доп.наименование: Touch controller IC QFN-64
  • Склад:
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    Projected Capacitive Touch Controller Multi-Touch up to Ten Touches Five Touches Typically at 100 Hz+ Each 27RX x 19TX Channels Support Approximately 8" Touch Screens (larger possible) Combines with MTCH652 High-Voltage Driver for Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Integrated Single and Multi-finger Gesture Recognition Suite including Taps, Swipes, Scrolling, Pinching and Zooming Advanced Processing Provides Noise Avoidance Techniques Supports 3D Gestures up to 20 cm when Combined with the MGC3130 GestIC; Controller Технические параметры
    • Type: Capacitive
    • Inputs: 27 RX-channels
    • Interface: I²C, USB
    • Power supply: 2.3...3.6 V
    • Operating temperature: -40...+85 °C
    • Package: QFN-64