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TMC5130-EVAL-KIT, Evaluation kit, Trinamic

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TMC5130-EVAL-KIT, Evaluation kit, Trinamic
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    Evaluation kit Семейство Evaluation Board for TMC5130A
    TMC5130-EVAL-KIT is both a quick start to evaluation of the functionality and a thermaly proven reference Design with all sources available for download free of charge. It allows for a quick and simple start with only minutes to make your motor turning, while still providing full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics .To start with TMC5130-EVAL-KIT download and install the free TMCL-IDE software and connect it to USB and a 5...46 V power supply.
    2-phase bipolar stepper motors driver
    Drive capability up to 2 A coil current
    Motion controller / sixPoint™ ramp
    SPI & single wire UART
    Dual ABN encoder interface
    2x reference switch input
    256 microsteps per full step Технические параметры
    • Питание: 5...46 V
    • Описание: Package content: TMC5130 Evaluation board, ESELSBRÜCKE connector board and STARTRAMPE base board
    • Напряжение питания, мин.: 5 В
    • Напряжение питания, макс.: 46 В