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    E61 - DC Capacitors for PCB mounting

    It works - even in your smaller DC links!

    A few years ago, our PK16TM pioneered the large-scale shift from batteries of electrolytic DC link capacitors to energy-efficient and highly reliable film capacitors which has become so common nowadays. The E61 range makes the benefits of this substitution available for DC links with smaller powers now. With their pin terminals, these capacitors can be integrated directly into your printed circuit board.

    The capacitors of the E61 series are optimized for high rms and surge currents. Along with their high specific ratio of capacitance to volume, they offer long-term stability and storability, as well as excellent self-healing without loss of capacitance.

    It is our advanced know-how in special capacitor film coating, combined with many decades of practical experience in designing and manufacturing capacitors, which have allowed us to develop this range with its numerous advantages over traditional electrolyticcapacitors:
    • superior voltage and current strength
    • dramatic increase in operational life
    • drastic reduction of failures
    • minimization of power dissipation losses
    • substantial reduction of self-inductance and series resistance
    • exact manufacturing tolerances
    • elimination of sharing resistors
    Технические параметры
    • Imax: 35 A
    • Filling: resin
    • Capacitance: 52 µF
    • Voltage (DC): 900 Vdc
    • Can Height (L1): 57 mm
    • Can Diameter (D1): 50 mm
    • Self-inductance: 45 nH
    ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH — Ваш компетентный партнер

    Компания ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH — одно из ведущих европейских предприятий по изготовлению конденсаторов. Читать далее >