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154719, PCB socket 50P, Erni

Арт: 300-31-270
  • Склад:
    Изображение товара дано только в качестве иллюстрации. См. спецификацию продукта (pdf)

    High current and electric strength Important dimensions: Vertical: board-to-board spacing, min. 8 mm, max. 20 mm Vertical: spacing between board and end of the multipole socket with installation displacement connection, 15 mm. Horizontal: spacing between SMD-end connection and end of multipole socket with installation displacement, 17 mm Straight versions with holding cover SMD metal angle for accurate fixing and acceptance of plugging and pulling forces Pin 0.75 mm long, for centring on the pcb Технические параметры
    • Poles: 50
    • Series: SMC
    • Height index: 9.05
    • Connector Design: Double row, straight
    • Housing material: Liquid-crystal polymer (LCP)
    • Temperature range: -55...+125 °C
    • Combustibility class: UL 94 V-0
    • Pitch/mm: 1.27
    • Rated current/A: 1.2
    • Test voltage/VAC: 500
    • Gender of contacts: Female
    • Connector Termination: SMD
    • Max. temperature/°C: +125
    • Contact material: Gold-plated copper

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