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XP2-Z11, Safety switch 16 A Plunger, SAIA-BURGESS

Арт: 300-29-103
XP2-Z11, Safety switch 16 A Plunger, SAIA-BURGESS
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  • Арт: 300-29-103
  • Наименование: XP2-Z11
  • Производитель: SAIA-BURGESS
  • Доп.наименование: Safety switch 16 A Plunger
  • Склад:
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    Breakers which have been developed to meet the markets' increased demand for safety Common areas of application are switches for covers and doors in office machines and other applications where a signal or voltage must be broken with a very high level of security Type XPS approved by SUVA, TUV as safety switches with forced breaking Технические параметры
    • Colour: White
    • Actuation: Plunger
    • Rated current: 16 A
    • Temperature range: -20 ... +85 °C
    • Rated voltage/VAC: 250
    • Contacts: 1NO+1NC
    • Termination Type: Blade Terminal 6.3 x 0.8 mm
    • Protection rating: IP40
    • Contact material: Ag
    • Actuation force: 3 N